destiny zodiac facesWhat is Destiny? Are certain things meant to be—or do we make them happen by our actions? According to Cayce it’s a combination of both.

Here’s an opportunity where your actions can really make a difference:

Our A.R.E. of NY Center is at a Crossroads.

With rents rising dramatically in our Chelsea neighborhood and our lease up on April 30th, we’re both searching for a new, more suitable space and negotiating with our landlord for the best terms possible where we are.

Either way, expenses will increase. If we relocate, there are expenses of building out a new space and moving, as well as rent. If we stay, we’ll pay higher rent, although we’ll work out the best deal possible.

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miranda anthony 2014We’re pleased to announce that Anthony Perez has accepted the position of interim Volunteer Coordinator, stepping into the position previously held by Volunteer Coordinator and Bookstore Manager Miranda Rose Gold, who stepped back to focus more on her health.

Anthony has distinguished himself in his role as Reception Volunteer over the past two years, and has admirably performed additional responsibilities he took on in August, providing support for Events, Rentals and other Operations. On countless occasions, he has stepped in to make things at the Center run smoothly and efficiently.

Please join me in congratulating Anthony on his new position, and in supporting him in this vital role. Fortunately, Miranda will continue to serve as a Reception Volunteer and as a cherished part of the Cayce Center family. Thank you both for all of your contributions – past, present and future – to making our Center such a wonderful place to be! Want to join our esteemed volunteer team? Contact Anthony at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bioenergetic Healing Group

The A.R.E. of NY Bioenergy Healers’ Group, L to R: Doug Grant, Amelia Darcy, Nilaga Gordon, Anton Baraschi, John Kourkoutis, Peter Dhanraj, Erdan Bajrovic, Paul Yli-Tainio. Group members not pictured include: Violeta Berniczky, Tamara Berman, Maria Pacca, Karen Nilsa Rossi, Dorota Skubis, Mark Leslie, Miwako Decibus.

Anton Baraschi 2Facilitated by Anton Baraschi.
Meets every other Tuesday, 7-9 pm.
Next: Nov 17.
Open to all, by donation ($5 is suggested).

This practice group is a forum for integrating Qigong private practice in a group field so that its therapeutic properties can be utilized in stimulating a person’s own immune system for energetic cleaning, balancing and optimal health.

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anton baraschiAt last Monday’s Board Meeting, Anton Baraschi was elected to serve on the Board for a three-year term. He is a visionary teacher and practitioner of Bioenergy Healing who has already donated his time and talents at the Center, helping to renovate the bookstore and to process the backlog of Memberships left after the passing of Ken Klein. He brings construction project management skills as well as non-profit Board experience to our Board. Read more about Anton and his Bioenergy Healers’ Group in the latest issue of The Open Door p. 5-7.

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Miranda with volunteer Anthony PerezEarlier this week, Miranda announced her resignation as Volunteer Coordinator/Bookstore Manager, as of November 8th, 2015. The good news is that she will stay on as a Volunteer for several hours a week—and, most importantly, remain a cherished part of our Edgar Cayce Center family.

Miranda wrote: “Our mission ‘To manifest the love of God in service to humanity’ is very important to me and I want to help out at the Bookstore and at Reception as much as I physically can. I have been made aware recently that I have some rather serious health challenges to face, and with winter approaching, it seemed wise for me to step away from the demands of the positions I filled at this time….”

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