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Malcolm returns to  our Center this Friday, Jan. 8, to offer private Spiritual Healing sessions Jan. 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13. To book appointments, call (212) 691-7690. 30-minute session, $100.
If you get our Voice Mail, please leave your name and phone number, speaking clearly and distinctly. Thank you!

Your opportunity to make a difference in the world.

tree light crpWhen we were planning, praying and working to open our A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center, we felt a powerful sense of urgency. Our guidance told us the days to come would call for a spiritual Center founded on the Edgar Cayce principles in our City—a safe place to find fellowship, learn, be healed and evolve in consciousness—a sacred space. Our whole Community felt this need and came together to create our Center.

The dramatic events we’ve all experienced since the Center opened in 1997—September 11th, the Great Recession, environmental crises, wars and more—have shown our guidance was correct. Our Center is a spiritual home and support for many. Lives are transformed by the Work that goes forward here.

We believe “the Creative Forces” worked through us in creating this Center—and work through our Center today—through our Spiritual Growth groups, gifted healing and intuitive practitioners and the enlightening courses, workshops and events we offer.

We believe this Work needs not just to thrive, but to expand—to reach more seekers and help raise the consciousness of our City and our World.

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ARE NYC logoTo be buzzed in to our Center from the street, press 'A' then 'CALL' or just '100 CALL.' Once the intercom rings upstairs, we can buzz you in. Remember, the Center is open Mon-Fri 1-9 pm, Sat-Sun 12-5 pm. At other times, your Wellness Practitioner, event or group facilitator will have to buzz you in. Thank you!

treasure chestA benefit of participation with a non-profit organization like the A.R.E. of New York is that we can provide it with financial support while benefiting from a deduction on personal taxes. It’s a way of putting your money where your heart is—and getting the Internal Revenue Service to facilitate the gift!

The win for the donor of contributing stocks that have gone up in value is that the donor receives a tax deduction for the full current value of the stock. The alternative is to sell the stock, pay tax on the income—and any subsequent donation would be less beneficial to both parties.

So we have established a brokerage account to receive donations of appreciated stock. Those who wish to donate stocks or bonds to support the Edgar Cayce Center can now take full advantage of the associated tax deductions! To do so, please contact our new Treasurer Betty DeCandia at [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] for detailed information. Thank you!

Now through December 19th only! $5 discount for ARE-NY people!

nijala sun pikestad 400x600What’s PIKE ST. all about? In the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge, a struggling family prepares to ride out the next big storm.  Unable to move her teenaged daughter Candace—whose mysterious aneurysm has rendered her unable to move or breathe on her own—out of their crumbling tenement, Evelyn plans for more than just survival: she fights for healing and redemption.

With PIKE ST., Nilaja Sun continues her partnership with Epic Theatre Ensemble for her first solo show since her international hit, the OBIE Award-winning NO CHILD…. Featuring her trademark humor, political incisiveness, and virtuosity, she brings to life the entirety of the Lower East Side, from decorated Puerto Rican war veteran Manny, to octogenarian downstairs neighbor Mrs. Applebaum, to Candace herself.  

What’s Nijala’s connection with our Center?
"I am blessed to be taking Anton Baraschi's bio energy healing class as well as zhineng Qigong group study. It is a continuation of the healing work my maternal grandmother Doña Lola cultivated decades ago as an espiritista and proud botanica owner. She comes with me in spirit to every class. And you'll meet her in PIKE ST."

Buy tickets now! Use code: epicsunrise

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