pyramid collageIf you have 8 minutes, here's a fun, uplifting way you can help—by listening to our Visioning Statement. Click on the link... Just add Love… infuse with Light… and together, we will create miracles!

We invite you to commit to repeating this every Thursday evening – at whatever time feels right to you. We're creating exactly the way recommended in the Edgar Cayce Readings… in the spiritual, the mental and the physical.

"Spirit is the Life,
Mind is the Builder,
Physical is the Result."

2016Jan Feb ARECalendarDownload our January-February 2016 Events Calendar now for workshops, classes, wellness practitioners and other ways to enliven and enlighten your body, mind and spirit. Some highlights:

  • leonardo cassaraLenny is back! With heartfelt delight, we welcome Leonardo Cassara back “home” to the Center he helped found and grow. One of the Center’s most beloved practitioners, Lenny will once again offer his insightful Intuitive Tarot readings. For appointments, see page 23 or visit our website.
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Missed the live call? Listen to the recording now at this link:

malcolmsmithhealing crp
Malcolm returns to  our Center this Friday, Jan. 8, to offer private Spiritual Healing sessions Jan. 8, 10, 11, 12 & 13. To book appointments, call (212) 691-7690. 30-minute session, $100.
If you get our Voice Mail, please leave your name and phone number, speaking clearly and distinctly. Thank you!

Your opportunity to make a difference in the world.

tree light crpWhen we were planning, praying and working to open our A.R.E. of NY Edgar Cayce Center, we felt a powerful sense of urgency. Our guidance told us the days to come would call for a spiritual Center founded on the Edgar Cayce principles in our City—a safe place to find fellowship, learn, be healed and evolve in consciousness—a sacred space. Our whole Community felt this need and came together to create our Center.

The dramatic events we’ve all experienced since the Center opened in 1997—September 11th, the Great Recession, environmental crises, wars and more—have shown our guidance was correct. Our Center is a spiritual home and support for many. Lives are transformed by the Work that goes forward here.

We believe “the Creative Forces” worked through us in creating this Center—and work through our Center today—through our Spiritual Growth groups, gifted healing and intuitive practitioners and the enlightening courses, workshops and events we offer.

We believe this Work needs not just to thrive, but to expand—to reach more seekers and help raise the consciousness of our City and our World.

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