atlantis under the seaJourney into the hidden past of Atlantis and find out why it’s so important to us today, and how its history is linked to our destiny.

Join us on Friday, March 31, for a fascinating evening presentation examining the little- known details on the famed lost continent, then go in-depth with the full weekend workshop on April 1 & 2 exploring your own past lives in Atlantis, the purpose of your present incarnation and how you can make a difference in the world today!

Pre-register for the Weekend Workshop by March 31 and save $37! NYC Center Members save 15% more.

More info about the events:

Friday, March 31, 7-10 PM: Atlantis, the Shift of the Ages & the New Earth with Tricia McCannon

Saturday, April 1, 10 AM - 6 PM:

General introduction to The Psychic Skills Certification Program
Course Schedule and Descriptions
About The Teachers


We’re making this unique training accessible at our Center in the heart of NYC. Tuition for the complete certification program is reasonably priced for training of this caliber at $2,250.

If Paid in Full: $2,250; Register by Sunday, April 16, for only $1, 999 – save $251! Pay now here.

Installment Plans:

Early Registration by Sunday, April 16: 4 monthly payments of $558, totaling $2,232 – save $248! Pay installment plan here.

Late Registration: 4 monthly payments of $620, totaling $2,480 Pay installment plan here.

Note that the subsequent 3 monthly payments are due on the same day of the month as that of the first month’s payment.

All registrants wishing to reserve a seat in the course prior to paying full tuition or their first installment (in line with the terms above) can do so by paying a non-refundable $100 registration fee. The registration fee will be credited toward the full tuition payment at the time and tuition amount when you register, or towards the first installment for registrants on the installment plan.

Preregistration is required. A minimum of 12 registrants by 4/22/2017 is required to ensure the April 29-30 weekend workshop is held and the program will continue. The program is limited to 20 registrants.


Installment payments are non-refundable. Registrants who cancel their registration are not held liable for the remaining balance but forfeit the payments already made.

Please note: there is no cancelation fee for anyone who preregistered for Karen Frances’ original Psychic & Intuitive Development Certification Program since it was canceled by Karen due to her illness.


- a 100%* refund if cancelling by 3/17/2017 (*minus a $100 non-refundable registration fee)
- a 75% refund if cancelling by 3/31/2017
- a 50% refund if cancelling by 4/14/2017
- a 25% refund if cancelling by 4/27/2017

The above refund schedule applies regardless of when the payment was made. No refunds are issued after 4/27/'17 (A.R.E. of NY may in its sole discretion allow exceptions for circumstances deemed by A.R.E. of NY to merit them).

General introduction to The Psychic Skills Certification Program
Course Schedule and Descriptions
About The Teachers

Sunday, March 5th, 2017 Time: 12-6 PM
Live Primary, 26 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

In today’s world we need community more than ever. That’s why we are so excited to partner with Sustainable Success! If you know you are here to create BIG impact in the world with your work, Sustainable Success is where you want to be!

sustainable success eventUnlike any other business conference, Sustainable Success is designed to support you from the inside out by giving structure to the invisible side of success.

Complete with spotlight speakers, breakout teachers, experiential learning, and even a sound-healing concert to ground you! Sustainable Success will give you the tools most business conferences don’t address.

If you’re ready to step into a bigger vision for yourself and your business, join the select number for entrepreneurs who will be coming together for an unforgettable day dedicated to setting the stage for lasting satisfaction and success!

Your ticket includes:

  • A full day of hands-on presentations plus an expert teacher breakout.
  • Access to a marketplace of select vendors offering business and lifestyle resources, Healthy Snacks and Beverages.
  • Optional complimentary yoga class to start the day.
  • Mini wellness treatments, like the Bemer mat and intuitive tarot readings.
  • An exquisite Sound Healing Concert experience to end the day.
  • Networking opportunity with attendees.
  • A digital goodie bag of FREE GIFTS to support you after the event is over.

Stop by the A.R.E. of New York Edgar Cayce Center table and say HI!

This event will sell out! Grab a friend or colleague and register today!

Go to the link below and use the code "MARIA" to get $10 off your ticket.

Karen is delighted to announce an additional enhancement to this exciting Psychic & Intuitive Certification Program. Two guest teachers, Michael Diamond and Linda Kay Hunter (see bios below), will contribute their expertise and insights to the program. As certification program designer and supervisor, Karen has carefully chosen teachers who can be seamlessly integrated into several modules of her syllabus.

Instead of one expert teacher, you'll now have the benefit of three!

By introducing these guest teachers into the program, Karen plans to provide an experience more closely resembling the program at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College (pictured below) where there is one course organizer but multiple teachers, and students are exposed to specialists or experts in different psychic fields. This experience empowers students to deal with all the different types of people they will work with and encounter when taking their psychic work out into the world.
arthur findlay college

“The students will not just learn how I do everything—they will see other approaches as well,” Karen says. “But as all three teachers have trained at Arthur Findlay college, our approaches will differ without conflicting.”

Karen plans to teach about half of the classes herself and bring in Michael or Linda where their skills can broaden the learning experience. All class descriptions, dates and times stay the same.

michael diamondMeet the Guest Teachers who will work with Karen to enrich your learning experience throughout the year:

  • Michael Diamond is a New York City based Psychic Medium who has undergone extensive spiritual training with world-renowned tutors across the United States and at the Arthur Findlay College in England. As a facilitator of psychic development circles over several years, he has proved a compassionate and empathic teacher. Michael will teach some of the Advanced Level classes.
  • Linda Kay Hunter is certified in forensic psychic investigation, advanced-level remote viewing and forensic composite art. She has helped law enforcement agencies, organizations, and families in numerous criminal investigations and missing persons cases. She will join us for several classes on Psychic Detecting.


jackrosenCayce Method Educator Jack Rosen teaches affordable, practical workshops on many important concepts from the Cayce readings on holistic health and living in harmony spiritually, mentally and physically. He has been using the Cayce remedies and educating people about them for more than 45 years. His workshops are taught only at the A.R.E./N.Y.C. Center.

You can register online, or by calling (212) 691-7690, or pay at door.
Center Members receive discounts.

Upcoming Events on Cayce Remedies with Jack Rosen

Why an Edgar Cayce Center?

edgarcayceThe current Center was founded by volunteers inspired by Edgar Cayce’s life and readings to be a spiritually minded, heart-centered place where all seekers from the NYC area can:
• Connect with our inner guidance
• Heal on many levels
• Evolve to our highest potential
• Find peace in a constantly changing world

We are a non-profit organization run by a small staff and many dedicated volunteers that depends largely on contributions from our community.

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